Our Authors

Here are some of our talented authors:

Min Day
Expression of Grief

Mark Stibbe
A Book in Time

Sebastian Siegel
The Consciousness Revolution – Meditations for a New World

Non Fiction
Part philosophy and part psychology, beautifully crafted upon a foundation of spiritual truths. Utterly mesmeric and profoundly moving at the same time.
Sebastian is based in Los Angeles and works in film as a director, producer and screenwriter.
Further information: Sebastian Siegel

Marisa Noelle
The Unadjusteds
YA fiction
With the pace of the Divergent series and the superhuman powers of Heroes, the Unadjusteds pushes the human race beyond its evolutionary boundaries – with dire consequences.
Publication 2019

Sarah Harris
The Definition of Us
YA fiction
Four teenagers with different mental health problems embark on a road trip in search of their missing therapist. Unexpected humour, twists and turns ensue.

Published July 2018

Emily Nagle
Look How Big the Sky Is
YA fiction
20-year-old author Emily conveys the warmth of John Greene with a sprinkling of DBC Pierre’s darkness in this tale of friendship and self-discovery.
All rights available

Andrew Murray
Ghost Rescue – 8 book series

Zoe Marriott
The Swan Kingdom
Daughter of the Flames
Shadow on the Moon

J Y Bee
Where’s Elgar’s Breakfast?
Taffy’s Secret Weapon!