What are your fees?

Commission – 15% Home (GB) and 20% overseas (rest of the world)
We do not charge a reading fee and nor should any reputable agency.

We work very hard on your behalf. We only earn money once you have earned money. We will be working relentlessly to sell your work to publishers.

How long should my synopsis be?

A synopsis should be one side of A4 – in double line spacing please!

All work should be typed in double line spacing.

Should I include images with my manuscript?

Our policy is that we only request the text of your book. However, if you have outstanding and distinctive illustrations, please email the manuscript and illustrations.

As much as we love to engage and communicate with the people, we prefer to focus on the task in hand and answering telephone and email queries takes up time that could be spent discovering new talent. We could be reading your work instead!


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