About Us

I graduated from University having read Law (LLB Hons). I practised law for for a couple of years but it was not for me. I went on to work in the music industry. Eventually, I decided to fulfill a lifelong obsession with books and in 2004, after much trepidation and excitement I launched the Kane Literary Agency. Combining a legal background with a management one proved to be extremely successful. I have discovered a number of fantastic writers.

I love being part of a publishing process which enables new literary voices to be heard. I am interested in all genres of writing such as adult and children’s fiction, literary or fantasy fiction. By far, this is the most rewarding aspect of my job.

The Kane Literary Agency is very much hands-on. I am here to ensure my writers are completing their novels to the best of their ability. I want them to feel confident but this can only be achieved through effective communication and teamwork, which I believe to be the winning formula for a successful partnership.

I absolutely love being an agent and in the current climate of change in the publishing world, I feel I am really well equipped to deal with it. The role of an agent is changing; it is becoming a 360 degree job. As an agent, I have been a hand-holder, editor, sounding board, friend, career advisor and the person who provides objectivity when my writer needs it most. Now with the evolution of e-publishing, traditional publishing will survive, be stronger and more efficient; e-publishing should complement traditional publishing and not diminish it in any way. I love real books, I always will but I also enjoy the magic of using an e-reader.

We understand that the journey of a writer is often long and hard and wholeheartedly agree with the wise words of Thomas Edison:

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

It takes huge sacrifice and dedication to write a book that is deemed ready for publication.

I love discovering new talent and I get so excited when I read a manuscript that moves me, makes me laugh, or cry, whatever the emotion or the attachment I feel towards the characters, so long as it moves me. I’m a sucker for a good story!

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